Movie Review: Live-Action Take on the Classic Cinderella

Growing up in the 90s, Cinderella was definitely one of my favorite animated movies. Seriously, any Disney movie I was instantly head over heels for as a little girl. One of my favorite “games” to play was dress up with my mom. I had this little treasure chest full of costumes: crowns, dresses, purses, shoes,… Read more »


Q&A with Joyce Rockwood of The Springs

I got the chance to sit down with Joyce Rockwood, the Director of Colon Hydrotherapy, at vegan hot-spot The Springs in the downtown Los Angeles arts district. We covered everything from the misconceptions about juicing to healing practices to detoxification. If you’re unsure of what Colon Hyrdotherapy is and its benefits, now’s your chance to… Read more »


6 Major Apple Announcements You Should Know About

Apple Watch

The annual Apple conference was just heldĀ bringing and all the buzz surrounding the Apple Watch was only one of the many big announcements. We have so much to look forward to from one of the world’s leading tech masterminds.


Get Out of Your Winter Funk

With winter comes and the weather gets cold, I tend to want to go into hibernation. The mere thought of being active and spending my time outside becomes a distant memory. This winter, I decided to stop being a hermit crab and follow these 5 tips for staying social, having fun, and not letting the… Read more »


Top 10 Best Dressed at The Oscars

Every time it’s Oscars season, I cannot wait to see who wins the awards! But on top of that there’s always fun in getting to see the stars in their sparkly gowns on the red carpet. It truly is the “Hollywood dream”. Here’s our list of the best dressed stars at this year’s Oscar red… Read more »


Top 10 Restaurants for Valentine’s Day in L.A.

Top 10 Restaurants in LA for Valentine's Day

No matter what your taste or style is, there’s something in Los Angeles for you guaranteed. With some of the most diverse restaurants offerings in the world, Los Angeles is the perfect place for Valentine’s Day. Almost everywhere is offering special menus for you & your special someone, your gal pals, or just you. So… Read more »