Do you ever feel stressed about generating more leads and followers for your company? Have you already reached out to your existing clients, network and more and know you have tapped out any sales through these channels? Not sure what to go next but need to scale your company yesterday?

If this sounds familiar, then this article is the perfect solution for you. We have run 1000’s of successful Facebook Advertising campaigns that generate targeted leads and result in gained revenue and industry presence. And you can start just at $250!

EXPERT FACT: At best, only 2% of your audience converts on your website, leaving 98% of potential customers and sales visiting and leaving. We Design LA can help you track and follow-up with these users, and convert them to leads.

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See below the Top 3 Easy Ways we have found success in finding more sale leads from Facebook

1) Targeting customers you didn’t know you had

We Design LA can track all of the people visiting your website and interacting with your newsletters, social media posts, press releases, and even your offline activities. With this, we can show them a targeted and visually engaging advertisement on Facebook, allowing you to re-capture and convert these lost customers.


2) Find look-a-like customers

Did you know we can expand your potential customer list by finding and communicating with new customers that fit similar profiles from your existing customers? We can match them from everything including demographics, location, preferences, browsing habits and more!


3) Customized messages to existing customers

Do you have an issue trying to say one thing to new customers and a different message to existing ones, and don’t know what to do? We Design LA can help. Because we are targeting and tracking your customers, we are not able to know who they are (new vs returning) but we can show them a custom message based on that. Now you can run multiple campaigns and initiatives at same time rather then having to wait for next month to generate more sales.


These are 3 easy ways we help companies grow more leads and sales online. Interested on testing it out with your company and brand? You can start for only $250.
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