As people’s desire for 3D printing grows stronger, manufacturers form all over the world have started building different sizes of 3D printing machines to step closer to their dreams.

3D Printers started off mainly being used  for producing architecture model. With the convenience 3D printers bring, more firms perceive potentially large returns in this new industry. Therefore, more 3D printing products start to emerge.

3Doodler and Objet 1000 are two of the popular 3D printing products that have recently  caught some attentions.

Now, why don’t we spend a few minutes watching one video each from 3Doodler and Objet 1000 first and get to know more about these two products?




Objet 1000


What do you feel after watching these two videos?

Most people will think these are brilliant, creative ideas I guess.

Yes, indeed they are . 3D printers not only make manufacturing a new era with a single move of finger, but also totally change our lifestyles.

However, is 3Doodler an actual 3D Printer? And how can most people afford and furthermore where can they place the huge Objet 1000 machine?

3Doodler is not so different from a welding pen – they both sticks parts together.

3D printers aim to print products like how they are exactly designed.

No later on human processing should be needed, and this is the whole point of  3D printers, no labor force involved at all.

It seems that Objet 1000 is on the right track of 3D printer development.

The only problems are the size of the machine and the cost.

Objet 1000’s next move should be finding how to minimize the size while the machine remains affordable.

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