With over 890 million people logging onto Facebook daily, it would be crazy not to see the massive potential of advertising on this social platform. From high school students to working professionals, the wide span of the Facebook demographic includes just about everyone these days. Which means no matter what your target audience is, you should be creating optimized ads aimed directly at them. We know it’s easier said than done, which is why we put together these 4 tips for how to do it best.

1. Make it Visual

The Facebook algorithm favors visual content. Beyond just that, however, images do a much better job of engaging and attracting someone scrolling through their News Feed. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. So, you want to make sure your ad is part of that 90%. This is why you should always include well-designed visuals that stand out as much as possible.


2. Make it Relevant

You should want your ad to communicate a clear message to your audience that is relevant to them. Facebook recently started ranking ads by their relevance score, giving higher scores to ads whose image, copy, and destination page were most relevant to their audience. Just liked Ad Rank for Google AdWords, the higher your relevance score is the more you will be favored by Facebook.


3. Include an Enticing Value Proposition

A value proposition is the “why should I care?” of your ad. It helps to communicate to your audience why they should click on your ad over another. What makes you different? What does your product/service offer that’s special to them? A good value proposition should be like a fishhook reeling the customer in. For example, you could offer them 40% off their next purchase with a discount code or include social proof like, “Our coffee is loved by over 1 million people nationwide. Come check it out for yourself today at 10% off!”. Whatever it is, make it believable and as exciting as possible.


4. State a Call-To-Action

A stunning ad without a call to action is like a racer without a sports car. You need a call-to-action (CTA) so that your reader knows what to do next. Plus, it helps to add a sense of urgency encouraging them to take action because of time sensitivity. For example, you could say “buy tickets now, offer ends soon.” or “offer valid for three days only, click here to get the deal”. Jasper's-market-ad

I hope this helps you see better results from your Facebook advertising campaign. Be sure to track your progress, because data more than anything will show you how helpful these tips really are! For more social media tips, check out these 5 SEO tips for increasing your website or blog traffic and these 5 tips for smarter content curation.

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