Are you having trouble keeping up with the fast-speed train that is modern social media? If you’re not updating your content 24/7 these days, users notice. If you’ve never considered sharing other people’s content, then you should. Content curation is a great way meet your audience’s needs and add value to your social media by curating the best of what the Internet has to offer them. Better yet, it’s free. Here are 5 tips for making content curation work for your business.

1. Curate News for Your Website

I use the term “news” very loosely here. Whether it be an update on the top summer fashion trends or the newest Apple releases, you should find a way to share relevant news with your customers that will position you as an expert in your field. You could do this through a ‘featured’ section on your blog or incorporate it into your Twitter updates, for example. Whatever the platform, just be sure to link back to the original content source for credibility purposes.

2. Create Your Own Publication

Many businesses have started coming out with their own microsites as an extension of their brand. For example, Pressed Juicery started The Chalkboard Mag as a way to share their passion for “living well” through articles covering everything from wellness to natural beauty to nutrition to healthy recipes. Or there’s the Food Porn Index launched by Bolthouse Farms to show people the social media conversations revolving around healthy food versus unhealthy food. Using food porn hashtags, like #avocado and #grapes, they track and compare the kinds of foods we share on social media. It’s a great way for you to increase your engagement with your customers and acts as an excellent source for lead generation.

3. Churn Out Newsletters

Newsletters are like a tap on the shoulder reminding your customers that you’re there. As long as you share valuable content, you can keep this relationship fresh and remain on the top of their minds. For example, the best bloggers share their content at least weekly. Through content curation, you can select buzz-worthy articles to share with your subscribers weekly or even daily. This shows that you really are on top of your game.


4. Curate Content on Social Media

Content curation has been a popular social media strategy for a while now. On Twitter, this means retweeting content from brands with a similar aesthetic. On Pinterest, it’s second nature to discover and share content that you like from other people via curated boards. On Instagram, you could repost someone else’s photo and tag them to create a conversation. It helps to build your corporate brand by keeping you socially connected with others.


5. Create an Infographic

If you don’t have the time or resources to conduct research on your own, don’t worry. You can still create an infographic full of interesting stats and data pulled from different reports and articles. This is a major advantage for your readers because it gathers various statistics into one place. For example, WebDAM curated this infographic for marketing stats to look out for in 2014. By separating it into “what to expect”, “trends”, and “what to consider”, they made it even more digestible for their audience.

With these content curation strategies under your belt, you can easily become more findable for your customers. This, in turn will not only increase your brand value, but also help to drive more sales your way.

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