With a collaboration at the re-imagined Line hotel in Koreatown, Poketo has become the center of much attention lately. For those not native to LA, the Line is a sophisticated and unconventional boutique hotel in a fully rennovated 60s Hyatt.  As a guest at the Line a couple of weeks ago, I happened upon the small and colorful Poketo store and fell in love with its minimalistic style.

Poketo stationary wall

Stationary wall.

Founded from a desire to bring you “art for your everyday”, Poketo has an offbeat and creative spirit that radiates in its products and store. I luckily had the chance to sit down with Chantal Chadwick, the head of Media & Communications as well as Director of Content for the Poketo blog, to discuss her everyday inspiration, functional aesthetic, and connection to community.

Poketo jewelry and accessories

Cursive design mobile necklace, Garnette Jewelry hand painted bracelet set for Poketo, geometric arrow bracelet set.

What is the story behind the company name?

Founded by husband-and-wife team Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung, Poketo (pronounced poh-KEH-toe) got its name through Angie’s Korean grandmother’s mispronunciation of “pocket.”

Who are your favorite artists/designers?

Ben Medansky, Eric Trine, Ladies & Gentlemen, HighLow.

What are your must-have pieces that you have either in store or online?

The Sake Set, Watering Can, and Dansk Kobenstyle.

Poketo flagship

Mori mini cups.

Are there any trends you are especially inspired by this season?

Clean lines and bright colors.

Why did Poketo choose to be based out of downtown LA?

It is an up-and-coming community of artists and creatives, so it’s a perfect fit.

How does Poketo connect with the downtown LA community?

We host workshops, art exhibitions, and other events that are open to the public at our Flagship location in the Arts District.

Kids section at Poketo flagship store

Animal rattles, snake rattle, donut rattles, wooden tea set, wooden language blocks, striped whale rattle, veggie rattles.

How do you view the growth of downtown LA?

As long as growth is done in a thoughtful manner and with consideration for what is already in place, bring it on.

Where does Poketo see itself in the future?

We try to take it day-by-day.

What tips would you have for someone looking to break into the art world?

Look at everything, form your own opinions, and be confident in your taste.

Poketo flagship store

Honeycomb card cases, Ben Fiess vessels.

Go grab some drinks at Commissary in the Line hotel and pop by the Poketo boutique, or grab a coffee and pie in the downtown L.A. Arts District and step into the Poketo flagship. Their lovely accessories, stationary, and housewares make the perfect stylish addition to your home and everyday life. I can’t wait to go back.

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