Gorjana is inspired by a love for high quality, socially conscious jewelry. We Design LA provides Gorjana a wide range of services including branding, creative, development and advertising. Gorjana’s new presence has provided greater brand recognition and helped establish more partnerships with retailers and tastemakers.


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Gorjana is inspired by a love for high quality, socially conscious jewelry. Gorjana and Griffin Reidel founded Gorjana in 2004 with the simple goal of sharing their talented creations. After traversing over 50K miles their first year selling their jewelry door-to-door and at trade shows, they realized that others were just as captivated by their unique designs. Through a commitment to their vision, Gorjana expanded its operation. Headquartered in Laguna Beach, Gorjana now showcases their collection at Nordstrom and other online retailers. Gorjana recently teamed up with Courtney Kerr and Green Wedding Shoes, and continues to foster buzz among stylists and fashionistas worldwide.



We Design LA provides Gorjana a wide range of services from branding and creative to development and advertising. We have helped polish their identity both visually as well as through positioning and sharp messaging. We developed the front-end of their new site to be fully responsive and visually appealing in a way that best communicates their story to their customers. Since the relaunch, Gorjana is enjoying greater and consistent brand recognition and has used their new presence to establish more partnerships with retailers and tastemakers.


Our Custom Solution

We pride ourselves in our ability to bring brand and message consistency to every project. Not only does eye catching design matter, but it must also convey the persona and story behind the brand. This was critical for our success with Gorjana. Our campaigns for them captured their fusion of West Coast lifestyle with East Coast sophistication and polish. While being creative and innovative in targeting their audience, we are sure to stick to this beach casual meets city chic style.

We played an integral role in their business development and strategizing working closely with their marketing team. We built and designed a completely new, fully-integrated and responsive site with an advanced user interface and user flow. The website features a highly visual and interactive homepage intertwined with user-generated social media content. This colorful, visual-driven design differed greatly from the original, providing users with a more modern and friendly experience. We centered the top level navigation around their new brand slogan and philosophy “live, love, layer” which crafts a unique, captivating, and personal story around Gorjana. This involves the use of photography, videos, and personal narrative to really communicate a strong, cohesive and powerful message. It reveals the real people behind the company and invites users in to become a part of the story by not just wearing their jewelry, but by really letting it be a part of their lives and experiences. We took this philosophy and used it to breathe life into their site through creative front-end design techniques.

We continue to give insight into the best ways to advertise and use new technology to their advantage for driving sales and boosting ROI. We Design LA loves nothing more but to see a client’s work out in the public space, whether traditional or digital. Unlike most agencies, not only do we handle the creative, media planning and buying, and reporting, but also have developed our own proprietary Digital Advertising Platform. With this, we have access to billions of daily impressions allowing us to run any campaign at scale and deploy across multiple channels, countries, languages, mediums, and devices. Our Advertising Platform gives us “power broker” status to bid off all exchanges simultaneously in real-time, giving us first tier access and premier placement. This also allows us the opportunity to bid at wholesale pricing, making our solutions much more affordable than most agencies.

Each week, we have a regular meeting with the Gorjana team to go over data, results, make future projections, and design a custom strategy that fits their needs. We work tirelessly to find and adopt new ways of targeting and retargeting their customers to maximize reach and optimize each campaign. Our development team passionately works to come up with new acquisition campaigns for special holiday collections, collaborations, and other promotions that come up throughout the year. In the jewelry industry, staying on top of trends is a must and our dynamic platform allows us to be flexible and make the most of each dollar spent in the campaign.


Highly dynamic retargeting to convert abandoned cart customers

Creative, innovative advertising campaigns to increase brand value

Acquired new customers through premium advertising placement


Justin Rawlins
Justin Rawlins
Director of Digital Strategy

I already had a strong relationship with Jordan from projects in the past, but I think my feelings toward him and We Design LA continue to grow stronger with each project we take on. The greatest value in my campaigns with WDLA is knowing that I have the highest level of optimization available. It is up to myself and my team to develop campaigns but I lean heavily on WDLA for the optimization of the campaigns we bring to life.

On top of campaign optimization, I also think that WDLA does a great job thinking outside the box and helping with new campaign ideas. Having a small team on my end, it is nice to work with We Design LA because they not only get the tech side of things but also have great marketing minds.