Rosano Partners

Rosano Partners is a Full Service Real Estate Brokerage Firm that understand the diversity of Los Angeles neighborhoods and it’s people. We Design LA developed a new and modern brand identity for Rosano Partners and a website with proprietary software that uses CRM to streamline the sales cycle, which gives Rosano Partners time back to spend with their customers.


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Rosano Partners is a Full Service Real Estate Brokerage Firm that understand Los Angeles. Recognizing the thriving yet underserved communities in this great city, they leveraged their combined 13 languages, multiple ethnicities, and cultures to build a leading real estate business that differentiates itself by truly understanding its customer and the neighborhoods it serves in a transaction-oriented real estate world. Rosano Partners is committed to offering its customers the finest commercial property acquisition and disposition services. They offer a unique blend of experience and expertise that is proven to maximize returns. Through their innovative marketing platform, cutting edge technologies and proven track record, Rosano Partners has worked hard to separate itself from the rest of the field and set a new standard in the real estate brokerage industry.



Rosano Partners engaged with We Design LA and together we set out to redefine the commercial brokerage landscape. We quickly identified their collaborative team environment, as well as their desire to be a commercial real estate company accessible to everyone by respecting the diversity of the investment community as key to their success. We worked to bring this ability to the forefront through branding and a greater online function. Their dynamic and progressive outlook aided by cutting-edge technology would therefore be able to create a streamlined process that would increase efficiency and yield the best results for their clients.


Our Custom Solution

We Design LA designed and developed a customizable proprietary software system that uses CRM to streamline the sales cycle, which in turn creates more time that can be dedicated to client partnerships. This technology pushes Rosano Partners ahead of the curve as they are able to more quickly adapt to the fluctuating landscape of commercial real estate. As consumer behavior changes and evolves, Rosano Partners can now grow and transform along with their clients.

We Design LA also developed a new and modern brand identity that truly embodies the spirit of Rosano Partners. Their new site features a minimal, user-friendly design that is easy to navigate and takes the guess work out of commercial real estate. It clearly highlights what makes them unique while providing users with everything they need to know in a simple and clean layout. Additionally, we integrated a blog that provides users with event updates, industry news, and other interesting content that helps Rosano further interact and engage with their customers.


Modern brand identity centered around new, custom stand-out logo

Immediate increase in the quality of applicants to their brokerage pool

Robust backend that allows for many best in class features



Ian Whitman
Ian Whitman

I was very apprehensive about the whole process. I had worked with two previous companies trying to create a new logo for our rebranding. I can say that Jordan put us to ease. He was very knowledgeable and patient with us. He guided us to finally decide on a logo that was best suited to meet our goals. We are extremely happy with our logo. It has completely changed the image of the business. From an stale, unrecognizable logo, we emerged with a strong, visually pleasing logo that represents our brand. As far as the website, I had a lot more confidence but knew we were up for a challenge. We wanted to integrate Salesforce features through an API into our website. The process was tough but together we were able to develop a site that met and exceeded my goals.