At We Design LA, we provide business development strategy consulting for growing brands, businesses and individuals.



Our consultants are highly-focused, value driven professionals each with over 15 years of expertise. Because of this, we have been the guiding force behind numerous companies from start-ups to Fortune 100.

We provide a unique perspective on the business and operations side as well as provide you with the actual detailed steps of creation and execution. This involves interaction with everyone from your C-Level officers, to your customer facing sales and customer support team and as well with the “behind the scenes” staff such as your designers, engineers and analysts.

In the end, We Design LA has a wide range of talents and knowledge, but our greatest offering is our ability to solve problems. Our team members are active in business, sports, social circles, and most have families of their own. They are not only leaders with real life expereince, but also a guiding force in getting things done and getting them done fast. We apply this work ethic to anything we touch and will bring this energy and effort to your company and pass this onto your team along the way.

We want you to see us as a member of your team, and we are ready to take on all your challenges with you head on!


Areas of Expertise

Below is our range of disciplines We Design LA has experience in:

Web Design and Development Services

  • Review design and visual updates to your web properties
  • Introduce new web technologies, best practices, trending features
  • Troubleshoot development and custom coding questions
  • Review integration of updates, 3rd party tools, plugins, security fixes, etc.

Marketing and Advertising Services

  • Marketing insights on strategic plans, and technologies
  • Review existing and new marketing documents, presentations, etc.
  • Marketing plans, advertising options, best practices, campaign strategies
  • Introduce industry standard diagrams and process into your workflow
  • Oversee integrating marketing and advertising tools into website

Business Intelligence and Strategy

  • Introduce plans on growing teams in area of design, development, and sales
  • Improve tracking, storing and organization of both offline and online data
  • Insight on best practices for sales automation, account / client management, etc.
  • Review sales workflow charts for offline operations
  • Improve internal / external documents regarding staff, projections, etc.

Graphic and Print Design Services

  • Review creation of custom graphics and design elements
  • Review development of print material, newsletters, and signs
  • Insight of promotional material like sales decks, presentations, informational charts, etc.



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