Prototype Unveiling

In my last blog post, I wrote about the new form of transportation, the Hyperloop, suggested by Elon Musk. Well, since that news came out, the Martin Aircraft Company called them out and proposed their better form of transportation, a consumer jetpack.

The Martin Aircraft Company stated that creating new pathways for the Hyperloop to navigate through would make areas more congested and clustered. They also stated that it’s too restricting since it’s only a single line of transportation.

The Martin Aircraft Company plans to innovate current forms of transportation by creating a jetpack that allows complete freedom of maneuvering and mobility. They have already conducted tests with the jetpack on dummies, but they recently did a human trial run (you can see the video here).

They are planning to release these jetpacks to the public by 2015, and though its initial price tag is estimated to be $200,000, the company expects prices to drop significantly as time goes on.

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