What a success! On October 29th, our President and Co-Founder Jordan Manavian had the opportunity to speak at a panel at General Assembly about the disruptive nature of technology.

Jordan was joined by experts David Aktary, the CEO and Founder of the consulting company onBrief, as well as Aria Safar, the Corporate Communications Lead at litigation tech firm e-Stet.

Espree Devora, the creator of We Are LA Tech which supports Silicon Beach entrepreneurs, moderated the panel. She provided an interesting balance and definitely did not let the panelists off easy! She asked questions which helped them dig into what truly makes technology such a vehicle of change in the modern business culture.

Jordan spoke largely to the ability of technology to empower anyone to break “the rules” of advertising and web development, and the openness of the digital community in that anyone can join in with a new idea. As a digital entrepreneur and large contributor to Silicon Beach, Jordan started coding when he was still in college and has since founded over 10 companies. The most important take-away I got was to never be afraid to take risks and push the boundaries of technology, because there is always an opportunity to disrupt if you have the right mindset.

The audience was dynamic, the panelists were engaging, and the conversation was fantastic. Be on the lookout for our next event coming up soon!

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