The ‘sports luxe’ look is by no means a new trend, but it’s one that I’m starting to warm up to.  This season, the baseball cap is envisioned to accessorize everything in between sleek suits, flirty dresses or complementary athletic looks.  The added black leather gives these caps the edge that my style craves.

black cap 3

Photo courtesy of Style on the Couch

black cap 5

Photo courtesy of  Neon Blush

The black leather baseball cap has been reimagined by great designers such as Alexander Wang and DKNY.  But sometimes, the price tag does not justify the purchase (*cough* DKNY *cough*).

Enter YouTube DIY videos.

If you’re feeling adventurous, watch and learn:


If you’re not feeling crafty, here is a great option for a fraction of the price of their Alexander Wang or DKNY counterparts.

black cap 4

Black Leather Cap, Asos $40.73

What trends are YOU most excited about this season?

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