In the spirit of Halloween, I’m going to continue with another quick post about the spooky festivities. Along with the candy galore, the holidays also come with the impulse for decorations. Traditionally, halloween decorations are usually associated with spooky spider webs and unappetizing treats, but as a design advocate, I wanted to introduce more of an appealing decoration proposal.

I came across the youtube channel called Mr. Kate. Designer/stylist, Kate Albrecht, started her own lifestyle brand, which gave her the freedom to share her creative pursuits, and present her artfully produced product lines. You can find out more information about Mr. Kate, here.

On Mr. Kate’s youtube channel, I happened to find 2 lovely DIY videos that showcased exactly the type of appeal that would match perfectly with your current interiors. So ditch the orange and black for these new and creative DIY ideas. Trust me, it’ll look awesome on your porch or office space.

DIY Color Palette Pumpkins:

DIY Chic Skulls:
[youtube][/youtube] Happy Halloween!

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