In the spirit of the New Year, we’ve rounded up some helpful tips & tools for 2015. This is for all you fitness lovers, positive thinkers, wanderlusters, foodies, and tastemakers out there. I hope it helps inspire you all year long!

  1. Four tips on how to actually keep your New Year’s resolutions this year (via Design Sponge)
  2. Five ways to totally detox in the New Year (via Free People Blog)
  3. How to make your fitness resolutions stick in 2015 (via The EveryGirl)
  4. Five tips on how to keep your home clean (via Glitter Guide)
  5. Twenty five little ways to treat yourself better daily (via Thought Catalog)
  6. Love the idea of choosing a word to help guide the year (via Ali Edwards)
  7. Fifteen things to stop doing in 2015 (via Elite Daily)
  8. Twenty five places to travel to this year (via The New York Times)
  9. Nine ways to boost your positivity (via Inc)
  10. Thirty two healthy recipes to try in 2015 (via Bon Appetit)


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