After scratching the surface of what is creativity in my last blog entry, I wanted to further explore on utilizing creativity to become an artist in the 21st century. Our culture and society is not what it used to be back in the 60s, where promotion and exposure was the key in becoming successful in the art business. With tools like youtube, facebook, instagram and other social networks, getting hits or view on our videos is no longer impossible. Our world has shrunken into a tight knit community, where communication with someone 100 000 miles away is as simple as clicking the call button on Skype.


The music video for Gangnam Style has garnering over 1 billion hits in the past year and has resultantly transformed the native South Korean musician, Psy, into an worldwide sensation. Exposure is a significant key to the front door of artistic success; it is has become the forte of our generation. Subsequently, talent has been sacrificed due to our accessibility to exposure. Not only is there a larger pool of competition, but true artists generally tends to struggle with having a ‘normal’ life. Therefore falling behind the crowd and increasing the difficulty to succeed on the traditional artistic route. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but being creative isn’t enough to survive in our artist world today.

One has to be aware of the tools that should be used throughout this process: one of the main tools must be the ability to have a web presence – being a social media expert is a must. The time that you once spent on growing your artistic inspiration is now spent on the endless task of self marketing. Thus, artists usually find themselves lost in the midst of submerging their mind and body into this new technological driven culture. I know it’s always easier said than done, but never forget the sensation of your artistic passion, and why you chose this difficult career choice at the very beginning. (And it is because you love what you do)

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