We were lucky to take part in the first major Los Angeles Product Hunt. Our President and Co-Founder Jordan Manavian hosted the event which focused on design driven products. We spent the event at General Assembly DTLA enjoying the demos and learning about new tech start-ups on the horizon.

1. Love Lab

Dating app Love Lab takes a safe approach to the mysterious world of dating. When you meet someone knew, you can head to the app and check their 5 levels of trust: social proof, photo proof, contact proof, identity proof, and background proof. The idea is that you can learn a little more about them before deciding if you want to meet. This app is a great take on a popular trend.

2. Local Hitz

Local Hitz takes the information from a Facebook page and builds it out into a website. This is ideal for small businesses looking for a simple solution to get a site quickly up and running. Your Facebook automatically sinks with your site so it can remain constantly updated with content. You have a choice of 4 base themes that are customizable once you launch your site.

3. Taskiss

Taskiss makes it easier than ever to stay on track with a project. The idea behind the site is to give you an incredibly simplified timeline that tracks your progress through each task on the way to completing a project. You can collaborate with an unlimited amount of team members who can update or modify tasks as they go. If you are someone who values simplicity, this task manager is for you.

4. GA Student Group

The last group presented a music mapping software that pulls up music from popular artists based on geolocation. It is just in testing mode so there is no official site, but this was definitely an interesting concept. You can explore the world and discover new artists based on where they are from. There are so many artists out there you might not know about and this provides a way of connecting music lovers to undiscovered talent.

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