It is a rare event that I go out to concerts – I went a lot in my twenties and the luster has defintiely worn off (the crowds!  ugh.) …  I’m more of a loungy, small venue with cocktails kind of a girl.  But when I heard that Rodrigo Y Gabriela was playing the Hollywood Bowl, I knew I HAD.  TO.  BE.  THERE!

Rodrigo y Gabriela is a duo from Mexico who specialize in playing lightning fast, rhythmic acoutstic guitar.  I found out about them through my love of KCRW and I can honestly tell you that I am just a liiiiittle obsessed.  When I need music for a dinner party?  Rodrigo y Gabriela.  When I need music while I’m relaxing at home with some wine?  Rodrigo y Gabriela.  Someday when I am in labor, I am certain that I will demand music by Rodrigo y Gabriela to give birth to!  (I might be exaggerating, but you get he idea!)

Let me start by telling you that Gabriela Quintero is an absolute BEAST on the guitar.  Somehow she manages to make the face of her guitar sound like a drum or bass when he beats her hand against it.  She is timid when she speaks, but when she gets on that guitar – watch out!  She is strong and soulful and it’s absolutely brilliant to see in person!

Rodrigo Sanchez has a different approach.  He is fast beyond belief.  Like, he plays so fast, my brain has a hard time comprehending what I’m listening to – all I know is that it’s magical and that I LOVE it!

If you haven’t heard of them before, do yourself a favor and take a listen.  You WON’T be disappointed!


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