Carrizo Plain (aka Carrizo Plain National Monument) located 100 miles north of Los Angeles is an area by-passed by time. Soda Lake, its centerpiece, is a glistening bed of white salt, set within a vast open grassland, rimmed by mountains.

The plain is home to diverse communities of wildlife and plant species, and is an area culturally important to Native Americans.  It is traversed by the San Andreas fault, which has carved valleys, created and moved mountains, and yet close up, is seen in a subtle alignment of ridges, ravines and normally dry ponds.

Unfortunately, without abundant water precipitation, tourists will not be able to view this amazing scene of blossoming wildflowers. Wide range of wildflowers bloom once every five years according to statistical data. Make sure you contact the Wildflowers Association prior to your visit. Beside the gorgeous view of wildflowers, the soda lake is truly worthy of visiting.

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