In honor of one of the authors at We Design LA, Beth Fang, I decided to carry on her legacy and continue these SoCal weekend adventures. Every summer, I have a tradition where I go to Six Flags Magic Mountain with my buddies. And what perfect time to go, than now?!

Six Flags Magic Mountain recently (and by recently I mean last Saturday) came out with their newest roller coaster, theĀ Full Throttle. This new coaster features a world record breaking 160-foot loop, which one must traverse twice. If anyone is familiar with Magic Mountain, I would say that this new coaster would be a marriage between Deja Vu and Viper. Full Throttle incorporates the “backwards launch”, alluded to Deja Vu, where the coaster, as obvious as it sounds, runs the track backwards. Furthermore, the giant loops incorporated in this coaster are very reminiscent of its predecessor, Viper, which formerly held the world record for tallest loop spanning 144 feet in height.

Point is, save some cash, call up some friends, wear some sunscreen, and have a blast!

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