We have been in this industry for over 18 years and we have worked with a variety of teams and companies, and we are the first to say, every company process is unique to them. If you have a strong idea on what you already need and either want us to consult and review these ideas or review details and pricing on execution of them, then we can help.

Or maybe you are already in the middle of an internal project (or just finished one) and want us to review and give you some deeper feedback, then we can help with that as well!

Why do you need us? – Simple. We have the experience, team and network to execute projects on time, on budget and beyond expectations.

Our team here at We Design LA is happy to work in any capacity with yours. So whether on a pure consulting level, handling the entire project from concept to launch or everything in-between, we are here to partner with you and assist as needed.

So what’s next?

For any new client of ours we prefer to do a brief but thorough research and discovery of your company, allowing us to get to know you better, your positioning in your industry and your needs. We call this our Brand Audit and we involve our internal team of experts in this process.

See it as a honest assessment from professionals in different fields. In a live session, we will give you our objective, first impression of your brand. Think of it as a chance to hear what prospective customers really think when they interact with your company for the first time. We will uncover what your brand is communicating and give you tangible solutions for either taking it to the next level or changing the conversation altogether.

In our experience, this effort will greatly contribute to the success of any project we execute for you, and will start both teams on the same page with aligned paths and goals.

Here is an overview of how it works:
1. Discovery

Our team of experts will explore deeper into your brand and company offerings

2. Review

Join our expert team on Skype for one hour of project review and Q&A

3. Proposal

Next you will receive a detailed work proposal with next steps

It’s that easy. Interested?

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