It’s Wednesday! For many of us, today is hump day, which means that we’re half way through our week. As the end of October nears, autumn has arrived and is planning on staying. Although autumns can be a beautiful time of the year, it’s still a season of flus and transitional weather. So as a pick-me-up for your Wednesday, I thought I would give a doze of confidence boost to all of you.


Actually, I recently found a blog post from a psychology student and I realized that her insight on this matter would be more helpful and reliable than my continuous blabbering.
[via elitedaily, Maria Sergo]

” To some people, healthy thinking comes naturally, due to their experiences and the people that they have been surrounded by in the past. To others, it doesn’t, and it is something they must acquire throughout their lifetime…As I observe the multitude of beautiful, capable, and intelligent people around me, I curiously notice one thing all of them have in common: the biggest weakness of our generation, insecurity and anxiety”.

Ending her post is a list of tasks, that I recommend to be set as goals for yourself to develop your confidence and serenity. (I’m currently working on task #1).

Task 1: Surrounding yourself with positive people who bring you up and support you. Remove all those who bring stress and sadness into your life. It may sound harsh, because some of those people may even be your family, but it is necessary if you want to thrive. Let them go but do so gently and nicely.

Task 4:
Don’t be shy. Again, think logically and realize that there is no reason to be. As long as you are aiming for what you want to be in life, and you’re doing your best to get there, why would you be embarrassed about who you are? There is no such thing as not being good enough for someone, just that some people are right for each other and others are not. You need to network, meet people, get experiences, learn, grow, enjoy life, and have fun. You cannot accomplish any of those things by being shy and holding back. So get out there and work it.

Task 7:
You must learn to like yourself. It’s cliché, but it’s crucial. You need the balance between being humble and realizing that you can and will make mistakes (and learn from them), while also knowing you are, nevertheless, good and worthy. If you struggle with loving yourself, remind yourself every now and then of your good qualities and why you deserve to be respected. Without self-love, it is simply impossible to be positive, get anywhere, or even make others around you happy.

These are the tasks that I’m currently working on, click here for the rest of the tasks and the full article.

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