How Do You Spend Your Marketing Dollars?

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From Google ads to television ads to display advertising, there are so many ways now to advertise it almost makes one’s head explode. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What’s the best way to advertise? How can you acquire new customers? How should you allocate your budget?


Friday Link Love 2.6.15

There’s so much going on in tech. I just feel like it’s constantly changing every minute. For me, sometimes it can be overwhelming. I’ve gathered up a few of the many eye-grabbing articles that jumped out at me. Social media tips, tech innovations, and of course Netflix updates. 


Digital Disrupt Panel

Digital Disrupt

What a success! On October 29th, our President and Co-Founder Jordan Manavian had the opportunity to speak at a panel at General Assembly about the disruptive nature of technology.


Tips To Improve Self-Motivation

These days, employers are looking for candidates who are highly “self-motivated”. I, myself, have come across this word in numerous internship applications I have submitted throughout the year, and thus have realized its importance in the work environment. So why is self-motivation a characteristic so widely sought by employers and companies? For any business, small… Read more »