As Halloween is nearing, I thought that a basic ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ list would be appropriate for the upcoming festivities. Although I’ve never been a huge halloween fan, it’s really a different holiday for young adults. it is the one night a year where you can proudly cling onto your childhood in public. The one day where you can devour your office candy bowl and gorge on alcohol when you haven’t been dumped. Despite this win-win holiday for people of all ages, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

1. Do go in a entirely separate costume than your significant other
2. Do guide your children’s Trick-or-Treat
3. Do share a frightening tale or two… or three
4. Do try to be creative with anything and everything – get some satisfaction by going homemade
5. Do take pumpkin carving seriously

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DON’Ts (unfortunately there are a lot more don’ts) :
1. Don’t skimp on the goods – halloween is for chocolate and sugar filled treats, not packets of healthy carrots
2. Don’t tell people about your costume beforehand
3. Don’t open your bag of candy before October 31st – that’s just putting yourself through a lot of pain and temptation
4. Don’t just leave the bowl of candy out – it’s usually bad candy and it tends to send a signal that you’re not home
5. Don’t go crazy with gross recipes
6. Don’t go too “off label” with your treats – nobody wants a toothbrush in their goodie bag
7. Don’t let someone talk you into inflatable decorations – you’re basically asking the neighbourhood teenagers to ruin your decorations
8. Don’t leave your porch light on unless you have candy
9. Don’t go trick-or-treat unless you’re actually a kid – i would say 12 or 13 is the cut off. If you really want candy, go to Walgreen’s or CVS on November 1st for your candy binge fix, like the rest of us
10. Don’t forget what Halloween is really about!
Have fun and be safe. Happy Halloween!!