These days, employers are looking for candidates who are highly “self-motivated”. I, myself, have come across this word in numerous internship applications I have submitted throughout the year, and thus have realized its importance in the work environment.

So why is self-motivation a characteristic so widely sought by employers and companies? For any business, small or large, management will not always have the time to tell you what to do or when to do it. (As a side note, asking “what to do” is not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s something you should ask after having finished all your current responsibilities). And without self-motivation, one will often find themselves being unproductive and drawing time away from others, creating inefficiencies for the business.

To help you develop this characteristic, here are some tips that I have used that have helped me improve my self-motivation:

First, realize your responsibilities. Know what your position is within the business and what your role is supposed to be. Cater your actions towards those responsibilities.

Second, create a routine. Observe what you have been doing at work thus far, and if you see a recurring trend in your responsibilities, then you can create a routine to keep yourself productive. By knowing what you have to do, it will keep you motivated to work instead of idly sitting around. For example, I start my work days by first, updating the company’s social media, then writing a blog post, and finally doing research or editing presentations…and whatever other assignments or tasks are given to me throughout the day.

Third, know that you have a stake in the business. As an intern, for example, your role may seem small, especially in a large company. However, know that your actions can affect the business, whether it be in a small or large way. Remind yourself that you are a contribution to the business and that your actions can help it grow. Think of the business as your own and how you want it to succeed and develop.

I’m no professional on this topic, but I just wanted to contribute my two cents on this topic in the hopes that it might help others. For more tips, here is an article on how to bolster your self-motivation.

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