The annual Apple conference was just held bringing and all the buzz surrounding the Apple Watch was only one of the many big announcements. We have so much to look forward to from one of the world’s leading tech masterminds.

  1. The Apple Watch: The biggest announcement by far at this month’s Apple conference was the arrival of the much-talked-about Apple Watch. You can preorder it starting April 10th and it launches April 24th. The Apple Watch comes in three models: the Sport, the Apple Watch, and the Apple Watch Edition. Starting at $349, the Sport is the most affordable and the prices go up from there. At the top, you have the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition which goes for $10,000. I have a feeling that this will be the tip of the iceberg for wearable tech.
  2. All the new Watch apps: Probably the most exciting thing about the Apple Watch isn’t what it is but what it can do. You can use it to monitor your productivity, summon an Uber car, check in for flights, and browse Instagrams. 3rd party developers have been working on apps for the Watch for months, and there’s plenty more to come.
  3. ResearchKit: This new addition to health and fitness targets people with sicknesses for medical research purposes. It’s framework allows researchers access to weight, blood pressure, and other measures and allows them to give surveys and test. The goal is to be able to recruit more people for clinical trials, and hopefully further medical research along the way.
  4. New 12-inch MacBook: Probably the most exciting thing is the new MacBook comes in space gray and gold. It weighs in at 2 pounds, has a new trackpad, shallower keys, and allegedly can last for 9 hours of web browsing on one full charge. I’l have to see it to believe it, but the gold definitely caught my eye!
  5. HBO TV: HBO has finally done it, made a standalone service that makes it no longer reliable on cable providers. HBO Now can be accessed on any Mac device at any time. Plus you will be able to subscribe to the HBO channel on Apple TV starting in early April.
  6. CarPlay: The goal of CarPlay is simple: to make it easier to use the phone while driving. Apple announced that all major car manufacturers have signed on but the details are unclear. The best part is that this could go a long way in increasing driver safety, since so many accidents are caused by people being distracted on the phone while driving.
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