There’s so much going on in tech. I just feel like it’s constantly changing every minute. For me, sometimes it can be overwhelming. I’ve gathered up a few of the many eye-grabbing articles that jumped out at me. Social media tips, tech innovations, and of course Netflix updates. 

  1. What gender should robots have? (via Slate)
  2. Fashion for the “new geeks” out there (via Mashable)
  3. We might be able to use our iPhones to make purchases with iPay (via Mashable)
  4. Some tips to help boost your social media skills (via Inc)
  5. Apple is rounding out their products with the wearable Apple Watch (via Tech Crunch)
  6. The inside scoop on billion dollar e-commerce Zulily (via Fast Company)
  7. Chromecast is giving away free movie credit for Valentine’s Day (via Tech Crunch)
  8. I definitely want to spend the night in this Airbnb cable car (via AdWeek)
  9. Netflix plans a world takeover (via Variety)
  10. How to succeed like Taylor Swift (via Inc)
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