After Nicolas Ghesquiere’s resignation from Balenciaga last fall, Alexander Wang, the 28-year-old young designer famous for his androgynous and cutting-edge style was appointed to become the new Balenciaga Creative Director.

Ghesquiere is a brilliant and influential designer, who almost reinvented and gave new life to Balenciaga.

However, Ghequiere still decided to leave this fashion channel he stayed for 15 years because he wanted to start his own line.

Alexander Wang’s takeover as the creative director has been on debate long before and after the official new came out.

Wang’s use of grayscale colors seem to contradict the colorful concept and vividness established by Nicolas Ghesquiere.

The selection of creative director really leaves concerns to designers and Balenciaga zealots, whether Wang will abandon his uniqueness for Balenciaga or Balenciaga needs to start looking for new creative director for the next season.

Hopefully, we will see marvelous designs turn out to be Alexander Wang’s clean cutting collaborated with some old Balenciaga’s tastes, on the Fall/Winter Show.


Balenciaga Fall 2012 designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere


Alexander Wang Autumn/Winter 2013



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