unreal engine 4 infiltrator demo

A little game of hide and seek. With guns.

Bring on the particles

Epic games has released a three-and-a-half minute real-time demo that looks like a super-cut of Mass Effect, Gears of War, Quake, and even a little bit of Killzone mixed in a blender.

This technical demonstration could actually be a full-fledged game – the story and action seen in this short clip is enough to excite most gamers, and the visual effects are definitely something that haven’t been easily doable or even achievable in the Unreal SDK before.

unreal engine 4 infiltrator demo-scale

The demo shows off several features available in the new Unreal Engine 4, with particles and shrapnel flying across the screen, metal and armor being deformed by gunfire and explosions, and water looking a lot like … well … actual water!

Even the HDR reflections are a pleasant improvement over current games, as this example renders light more realistically. Compared to Epic Games’ previous tech demo featuring a fire and ash particle overload, they have made a wondrous demonstration to sell their engine.

Check it out:


The infiltrator demo is an apparent “jump” to the next generation of video games, and reveals some things to come in next gen gaming (and high end PC gaming).

With the other recent news that Unreal Engine will be available on the Mozilla browser platform, which will utilize the ASM library for JS, it’s clear that Epic Games isn’t just content with being one of the best engine and toolset providers in the gaming industry.

They want to make sure they maintain control and expand onto as many platforms with as much tech as possible. It’s a win for gamers and developers, so hooray Epic.

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