I know that the London Design Festival may be old news for those who are up to date with the design world, but I found that it would be disrespectful to not blog about this grand-scaled event.

“The London Design Festival is the most vivid possible proof that London is the hub of the creative industries in the world”
– Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

From interior design, to typography, to installations, this ten day festival first started in 2003 from the vision to create an annual event that would promote the city’s creativity. Together Chairmen of the Festival team, Sir John Sorrell, and Director, Ben Evans, have developed a new festival so large in audience number that an estimated audience of 350, 000 people attended the event in 2012. Drawing such large numbers from over 60 countries, was the result from hosting a programme of over 300+ projects and events staged by 295 partner organizations including media partners. This city-wide showcase is much too large in scale to just cover in one blog entry, so I decided to merely list a collection of events that were highlighted on many design websites.

Many of the ‘must not miss events’ are as follows:


Omer Arbel’s “28.280”, a collaboration with Bocci, at the Victoria and Albert Museum
– Nick Barr


The Endless Stair – by dRMM Architects @ Tate Modern


Craft – by Simon Hasan for Linley


100% Design – UK’s largest and longest running contemporary design event for industry professionals in the UK
It staged over 20,000m2 at London’s Earl’s Court Exhibition Center and has become the design commercial cornerstone event of the London Design Festival .


the Conductor – by British designer Faye Toogood @ Established & Sons


The London Design Festival is not only a city-wide showcase, but it also recognizes true talent through their distribution of various awards. One of the many awards include the ‘Emerging Talent Medal’, which was rewarded to Daniel Ryakken for his outstanding ability for expression of design.

The London Design Festival overflows the Victoria & Albert Museum once again this year; making it the central hub for the event. With numerous installations, events, talks, and workshops, the V&A Museum becomes a must-visit for professionals of all kinds.

Check out this short clip on the event below.



This list is just a glimpse into the overwhelming amount of events that the London Festival of Design entails. As an aspiring artist, designer, student or whatever you may be, I strongly recommend you to bring your friends and family members to check out this event. It’s is definitely something that is going on my personal bucket list.