Apple is in the process of developing a new patented application that will allow one to check the availability of any iPhone user they call. For example, say I’m trying to call my friend. Right before I’m about to call him it will tell me if he is “available” or not. My friend may be in airplane mode, low service areas, or have low battery, and thus I would receive an alert that my friend is currently unavailable.

This could be useful in scenarios, but an aspect of it seems invasive towards people’s privacies.What if you don’t feel like answering a text or call right away? You wouldn’t want the other person to know that they’re just being ignored. It’s similar to Facebook Messaging, where it tells you whether or not your messages have been “seen” or not.

If they do begin implementing these apps on apple devices, I hope they have the option of turning these settings on or off.

What do you guys think? If you want to see more details, I’ll link the article here.

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