We’ve rounded up 8 of the top do-it-yourself projects from our favorite bloggers. From sequin hearts to decorated chopsticks to geo bottle stoppers, these will keep you busy all weekend long.

1. DIY Sequin Marquee Heart


via Sugar and Cloth

Too early to start think about Valentine’s Day? I think not. And come on, sequins & hearts stay in style year round.


2. DIY Birthday Cake Box


via Studio DIY

It’s not my birthday, but I am sure I could find someone to give this adorable gift to. Requires some more technical supplies, but totally worth it.


3. DIY Bedazzled Gem Hat


via I Spy DIY

Did anyone else play around with those bedazzling kits when they were young? I sure did, and I loved it. This hat makes me nostalgic, and it’s just perfect for the chilly weather.


4. DIY Leather and Wood Covered Notebooks

DIY Leather and Wood Covered Notebooks

via Paper & Stitch

I just absolutely love notebooks. I am a firm believer that you can never have too many, so I always keep some handy. You never know when creativity may strike or when you want to write down a to-do list! The leather + wood combo is so modern and fun.


5. DIY Copper Pipe Ladder

DIY Copper Ladder

via Brittany Makes

I’ve always wanted a ladder to hang some sweaters/scarves/other things on. Now I can just make my own! And I am really loving the copper trend this year.


6. DIY Geometric Bottle Stoppers

DIY Geometric Bottle Stoppers

via Freutcake

Party in style with brightly colored geo bottle stoppers. I am personally a fan of red wine, and I love having a girls-night-in with a movie and some wine. But there are almost always leftovers, so these would be perfect to keep the wine good.


7. DIY Decorated Chopsticks

DIY Chopsticks

via High Walls

One of my all-time favorite meals is sushi. I honestly could eat an endless amount of avocado rolls and never get tired of them. So these cute, colorful chopsticks are on the top of my to-do list!


8. DIY Polka Dot Bicycle Basket

DIY Bicycle Basket

via Sugar & Cloth

I don’t currently have a bike, but this really makes me want to get one. The girliness of the polka-dots is just my style. And what a cute idea to keep flowers in the basket!


What projects are you working on this week?

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