Get Out of Your Winter Funk

With winter comes and the weather gets cold, I tend to want to go into hibernation. The mere thought of being active and spending my time outside becomes a distant memory. This winter, I decided to stop being a hermit crab and follow these 5 tips for staying social, having fun, and not letting the… Read more »


Four Favorites: Art Prints

Art Prints

I’m having major nostalgia for summertime. Here in L.A., the weather stays good almost year round so I’ve gathered these 4 art prints. I think they’d make for a great, inspiring gallery wall.


Tips To Improve Self-Motivation

These days, employers are looking for candidates who are highly “self-motivated”. I, myself, have come across this word in numerous internship applications I have submitted throughout the year, and thus have realized its importance in the work environment. So why is self-motivation a characteristic so widely sought by employers and companies? For any business, small… Read more »