SEO (search engine optimization) changes as quickly as the Internet does- which means very quickly. To stay on top of it, you really need to understand your audience because right now the key is about what value your content is providing them. Google’s recent changes rank content based on how relevant it is to user’s search intent. So here are 5 tips for boosting your SEO, increasing your website traffic, and creating better content. 

1. Know Your Audience

You should put your customers over everything when you’re writing content for your blog or website. So, try to think about what questions they would be putting into search engines and then be proactive. Create content to answer these questions. To get more of an idea of what your customers are asking, do market research and take a look at real data from your existing customers. This will help you really know your audience and better cater to their needs.


2. Make Your Content Digestible

When writing out your content, think about writing it in simple terms like you would for a kindergartener. When it comes to search engine robots, the layout is as important than the content itself. Not only should you add images to make your content digestible, but also you should include descriptive Alternative Text to make it even better. Make sure you use your keywords in your headers as well, and use them in the same context you’re trying to rank for.

3. Make Your Content Shareable

The more your readers share your content via social media, the higher up in SEO rankings your content will be. So, it’s crucial you make your content easy to skim. When it comes to readers in the digital age, content broken up with heading and bullet points is much more appealing. Your customers can get key takeaways just at a glance, and this will make them more likely to share your content via social media. Be sure to always include social share buttons so your content can be easily promoted.

4. Re-Promote Old Content

Use new content to link back to old content. If you’re writing about a topic you’ve addressed before, be sure to give it a new headline, include new photos, or switch up the layout. Then, be sure to link back to the original article. This is known as internal linking, or back linking, and keeps your content flowing.

5. Promote Your Content

Use all of your active social media channels to promote your content. Be it Instagram or Pinterest or Twitter, these all play their part in SEO and work together to determine your ranking. For example, if you’re writing about “tips for content creation“, look for LinkedIn groups or Google+ communities relevant to that topic and share it there. This will trigger search engines to take note. The more social shares and traffic your content receives, the more validated your content becomes moving it higher up the search engine ladder.


When it comes to writing content with SEO in mind, your audience really becomes the defining factor. It’s all about what they want to know and how they interact with your content. To make your content more friendly for Google and increasing your search ranking, follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to increasing your traffic!


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