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North America's premier professional drifting series

Formula DRIFT stands out as the premier professional drifting championship series, boasting a roster of over 60 licensed drivers. The series unfolds over eight rounds, each taking place at race tracks across North America.

Judged on line, angle, and style, rather than who finishes the course fastest, Formula DRIFT brings together traditional racing and extreme sports.


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When We First Started

Initially, Formula DRIFT was confronted with the challenge of competing with other large drifting enterprises, all while having to allocate a modest advertising budget over several cross-state events. It was critical for their success to expand quickly and reach new markets and audiences; ultimately selling out events and creating a leading brand.

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The We Design LA team helped recreate their brand position and messaging from the ground up. With an update to their website, flyers, and promotional material, we leveraged the at event excitement and unique character of the series to draw more interest to the growing sport.

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Flyers, Posters, Marketing Emails, POP Displays

After conducting strategic market analysis, we launched precisely targeted cross-channel advertising campaigns for the multi-state events. Developing strong visual assets for the entire funnel, we were able to captivate larger audiences for lower costs allowing for record-breaking marketing campaign ROIs.

From challenger brand to industry leader, We Design LA has been supporting the Formula DRIFT team since the beginning.

Through sophisticated tracking measures, relentless attention to detail, and always willing to experiment with new ideas, we were able to leverage better and better performances not only throughout each following event in that first Formula DRIFT year, but for 20+ seasons and still going strong!


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