sema show

World’s largest automotive aftermarket show

The SEMA Show stands as the pinnacle automotive trade show dedicated to empowering small businesses to large enterprise brands for success. Toutest as the largest automotive event in the world, it annually books out the entire Las Vegas Convention (a feat no other industry / event does).

This exclusive B2B event allows automotive specialty equipment manufacturers to showcase their products alongside industry giants, unveiling cutting-edge innovations and fostering connections with global buyers.


Strategy, Branding, Creative, Social Media, Development, Promotional, Marketing, Advertising

Hit The Ground Running

Facing sudden changes in staff and less than a month before the season’s marketing launch, SEMA found itself in a challenging position, potentially needing multiple agencies to bridge the gaps. From coordinating Exhibitor booth sales for the SEMA Show to catering to B2B Automotive Professionals who attend, and organizing the end of the week after show “SEMA Fest” for fans, the task at hand involved coordinating numerous intricate components.

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Ad Variations Per Audience

7 Micro Segments
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Featured Exhibitors

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We sent out a dedicated Videographer team to capture hundreds of hours of stylized close-up footage, which our Editing and Production team skillfully transformed into captivating video shorts for our Social Media team. With strategic foresight, we tailored diverse content flavors to resonate with various target markets and audience segments.

Whether you have 2 weeks or 6 months, We Design LA has the perfect solutions to create, launch, and support any live event of any size.

Our seamless coordination was orchestrated by a dedicated We Design LA account manager, who simultaneously interfaced with their multiple departments and project tracking system. This cohesive strategy ensured that the SEMA team stayed informed of our progress while concentrating on their essential tasks. In turn, we provided high-level updates and insightful feedback, presenting valuable opportunities.


Brand & SEO Audit
Market Research
Data Analysis
Marketing Campaigns

Brand Guidelines
Visual Concepts

Creative Direction
Graphic & 3D Design
Video Production & Editing
Web & Mobile App Design

Social Media
Content Production
Channel Optimization
Community Management
Growth Tracking

UI & UX Design
Web & Mobile
Funnel Optimization
Conversion & Audience Tracking

Photography & Filming
Live Events

Content & Copywriting

Campaign Optimization
Paid Social
Display, Video & Retargeting
Multi-Channel & Device

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